Since last May, I’ve stepped away from corporate life to pursue my passion: developing AI Agents. This decision marks the beginning of an exciting adventure in artificial intelligence.

My first AI project? An app designed to assist students with their homework. The recent releases of GPT-4 and Claude 3.5 have revolutionized the field, introducing advanced image recognition and voice support. These models also demonstrate improved problem-solving skills in mathematics, making them invaluable tools for students.

The key to any successful solution lies in identifying and addressing specific needs. My homework assistant app was born from helping my own children with their studies. I focused on creating a tool that was not only educationally effective but also user-friendly. After hundreds of iterations and refinements, the app took shape.

The results were remarkable. My eldest son maximized his learning efficiency by using the app to gain rich, illustrative examples for challenging subjects. Meanwhile, my younger son found it incredibly helpful for essay writing.

You can explore and try my creation for free at For the best experience, I recommend using it on a mobile device, as it utilizes camera and voice support features. I plan to share more detailed accounts of my development process in future posts.

But that’s not all – I’m currently working on a marketing AI app as well. Drawing from my two decades of experience as a marketer, I’m excited about the potential outcomes of this new venture.

This journey into AI development is just beginning, and I look forward to sharing more of my experiences and innovations with you all.